Why cardiovascular diseases in pet dogs are on the rise in Kerala

Increasing cases of cardiovascular disease are taking a toll on dogs in Kerala. More than 10% of dogs examined by veterinarians have some form of cardiovascular disease. Delay in detection and treatment often leads to dog death. The medical practice of small animals faces ever-increasing challenges, considering the growing number of pets, especially the geriatric … Read more

Watch live: Government announces pet bonds

David Seymour and Chris Bishop. Photo / Mark Tantrum Housing Minister Chris Bishop and Regulation Minister David Seymour will soon announce a policy to introduce “pet bonds”, which they hope will make it easier for people with pets to find rental accommodation. A pet voucher works like an ordinary rental voucher. The money is handed … Read more

Pet owners urged to be cautious following reports of dogs becoming ill after playing in Tokai river

Dog walkers in the Tokai area have raised concerns after their dogs fell ill after playing and swimming in the Prinskasteel River in the Tokai Forest. (Oli Scarff/AFP) Dog owners are advised to exercise caution when bringing their pets into the Tokai Forest. A community organization warned that many dogs had become ill after playing … Read more

Beat the Heat: Pet-Friendly Coolcation Ideas for Summer

The hottest summer travel trend is actually a cool one. Instead of chasing the sun and heat, travelers are opting for temperate destinations that offer a respite from the scorching weather while also providing a refreshing break. This change is especially pronounced among pet parents, who are concerned about finding accommodation for pets and temperate … Read more

Tips To Keep Your Pet Birds Safe In Summer- Republic World

Tips To Keep Your Pet Birds Safe In Summer | Image: Unsplash As temperatures rise during the summer months, it is important to take extra precautions to ensure the health and well-being of your pets. Birds are particularly sensitive to heat and can overheat quickly if care is not taken. To keep your feathered friends … Read more

Flowers replace colours as Holi gets pet-friendly | Ahmedabad News

Pets and Holi usually don’t go well together. Looking at the risk of colors, injuries from water balloons and insensitive revellers, the pawrents get extra protection from their canine companions and just like that, they keep away from the celebrations. But things will be different this year, with the dogs getting their share Holi fun … Read more

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for Your Pet

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond just treats and make your pet feel truly pampered with a thoughtful, personalized gift basket just for them. Whether you have a dog or a cat, a pet gift basket lets you curate a collection of your pet’s favorite things, and it’s sure to please. To inspire your shopping basket, … Read more

Rescue falcon Lucy doing fine after nursed back to health | Pet Photos

Leader Advertising sales representative Jenna Heckethorn, Festus area, submitted this photo of herself with her peregrine-falcon hybrid, Lucy, a rescue pet she nursed back to health. Heckethorn said Lucy is featured in presentations she does for Party Paws Mobile Zoo, a nonprofit that operates to raise money for the nonprofit group Raptor Rescue Inc. based … Read more

4 Pet Friendly Homestays Across India

Discover the perfect getaway with our pet-friendly family accommodations, where your furry companions are not only welcome, but cherished guests. Experience the joy of traveling with your pets without compromising on comfort. Our curated selection of family accommodation ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere for both you and your four-legged friends. From cozy cottages nestled … Read more