China travel surges for May holiday but consumers remain wary

Xinhua Rail and car travel across China surged on Wednesday, the first day of a major public holiday, as consumers remained focused on keeping spending in a challenging economy. In the run-up to the five-day holiday that began with May Day, domestic airline fares were down and forecasts suggested that more travelers chose to … Read more

Hong Kong to seek expansion in travel scheme for mainland residents: John Lee

Hong Kong will seek to expand a travel scheme for mainland residents to visit to increase the city’s popularity and prosperity, said Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu, adding that the city is ready for next “week of gold” on Labor Day. Speaking to the press on Tuesday morning, Lee said about 800,000 mainland … Read more

Beijing pledges to lift curbs on Taiwan travel but waits for cue from William Lai

Travel between the island and the mainland has become increasingly limited since 2019, as tensions across the strait have triggered restrictions. “We sincerely invite Taiwan compatriots to visit the mainland more often, and we are also happy to see people from the mainland visit the precious island of our motherland,” Xi said, adding that the … Read more

Million-dollar jobs, travel perks and racy parties vanish as China’s research pullback sends chills through banks and brokers

The cutbacks, described by people familiar with the matter, come as a prolonged market slump cuts trading commissions and authorities tighten limits around what research analysts are allowed to publish. It’s a sharp turnaround from a few years ago, when securities firms aggressively hired and offered compensation of 10 million yuan (US$1.4 million) or more … Read more

Country Garden Appoints Legal Adviser, Urges Creditor Patience

Troubled Chinese property developer The company Country Garden Holdings Co. he said he committed Linklaters LLP as the main legal advisor for its offshore debt restructuring, while urging creditors to be patient with its progress. Linklaters will facilitate communication between Country Garden and its offshore creditors, the company said in a declarationTerminal Bloomberg at the … Read more

Qingdao interest in HK travel doubles

People rush to catch the fireworks display in February. Monthly exhibitions are planned in an attempt to attract visitors. SING TAO Stacy Shi Qingdao residents’ interest in visiting Hong Kong has grown, with flight search volume doubling since the individual visit scheme was extended to the northeastern mainland city, according to Mayor Zhao Haozhi. … Read more

At Your Service: Travel Vlogger Gets Food Delivered By Robots During China Vacation

Thanks to the advent of technology, we have seen things in real life that were once only a dream. Recently, a travel vlogger named Ken Abroad had the opportunity to witness a wonderful marriage of food and technology during his visit to Shanghai. China. And much like him, social media users were also impressed by … Read more

China’s Lunar New Year spending surges beyond pre-pandemic level

SHANGHAI — Travel and spending during the Lunar New Year holiday in China surpassed pre-pandemic levels seen in 2019 despite concerns about slowing economic growth. Total domestic trips for the eight days that began in February. 10 rose 34.3% to 474 million, while tourism receipts rose 47.3% to 632.6 million yuan ($89 million) according to … Read more

Longer Spring Festival holiday sparks travel frenzy

Tourists experience the local bamboo dance with residents of Maona village, Hainan province, on Wednesday, in celebration of the Spring Festival. [Photo/Xinhua] BEIJING — For the Chinese, the eternal theme of the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, remains the family reunion, but a growing number of Chinese are choosing to integrate travel into their … Read more

Blizzards and extreme weather could disrupt China’s Lunar New Year travel

Snow storms and others extreme weather could disrupt transportation for the hundreds of millions who travel across China during the Lunar New Year travel period, known as Chun Yun. The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) said on Tuesday that “complex” winter weather across the country, including rain and snowcould have “a significant impact.” transportation during this … Read more