The Palmetto State is Getting a Bike Park with Shuttle Service

All photos and videos courtesy Rattlesnake Bike Park. Bike parks continue to pop up in the southeastern part of the United States. Unlike the wheelchair accessible bike parks we see throughout the western part of the nation, these parks offer shuttles, pedals, or both. In 2020, Kanuga laughs opening just outside of Hendersonville, North Carolina, … Read more

Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon Bike Shoe Review

Photo: Hannah Morvay When it comes down to it, there really aren’t any appreciable differences between MTB cross-country, gravel, or cyclocross shoes. They all need to accomplish the same tasks: be lighter than most other cycling shoes, be stiff, have some spikes and lugs in the sole, and be relatively comfortable. That’s why I appreciate … Read more

How Old is the Oldest MTB You Still Ride?

With constantly improving technology, mountain bike it doesn’t age exactly like fine wine. However, it’s hard not to grow attached to your mountain bike. We spend hours customizing our builds to get exactly the fit, look and performance we want, so why wouldn’t we own our bike for as long as possible? For this survey … Read more

Giant Trance X Advanced Pro SE: An $8,000 Bike for $4,500 [Test Ride Review]

Photographs: Evan & Melanny @outofthisvan Full disclosure: this was a two-hour test drive, with no time to display or adjust the setup in any meaningful way. Just first impressions. My, we’ve come a long way. The Giant Trance X Advanced Pro SE I tested carries almost as much technology as it is possible to manufacture; … Read more

Does Your Local Bike Shop Serve Coffee and/or Beer?

Photo file: Daniel Palma. One thing online bike shops will never provide is a sense of local community. Some of the best bike shops offer not only a place to buy things or get advice and repairs, but also a place to hang out. For many, the local bike shop is third place between home … Read more

$249 Loam Pass Includes Access to 30+ US Bike Parks

If you’ve ever thought about going on a summer bike park tour, this is your ticket. The Loam Passon sale for $249 now, giving riders access to two days of riding at each of 30 participating US bike parks. “With so many iconic bike locations, from Bend to Bentonville to Kingdom Trails, we wanted to … Read more

Pittsburgh’s Wheel Mill Indoor Bike Park Announces Probable Closure in March

Trace flow is a summary of all the week’s mountain bike trail news including new trail construction, advocacy and planning. Do you have trail news? E-mail [email protected] for possible inclusion. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania indoor bike park known as The Wheel Mill will close next month, owner Harry Geyer announced on Instagram this week “It is … Read more

Are Electronics Sucking the Soul From Mountain Biking?

Any opinions expressed in this article belong to the author alone, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Modern mountain bikes are arguably better today than they were twenty years ago. But do they have less soul? Technology has affected every aspect of bike design over the life of the modern mountain bike, … Read more

EXPLORE Act Makes Progress plus a $3M Bike Park is Coming to Iowa

File photo: Jeff Barber Trace flow is a summary of all the week’s news related to mountain bike trails, including new trail construction, advocacy and planning. Do you have trail news? E-mail [email protected] for possible inclusion. Advances of the house EXPLORE, BOLT Act Lawmakers on the House Natural Resources Committee unanimously approved the Expanding Public … Read more

What’s One Thing You Don’t Like About Your Bike?

“Hey, nice bike! How do you like it?” As far as conversation starters go, it’s a popular trailhead. But it rarely elicits a meaningful response. “I like it,” is the answer 99.9% of the time. Not that it isn’t true; bikes are designed for our enjoyment and like an expensive puppy, it’s hard to stay … Read more