Updated UK Travel Advisory on Sri Lanka expected to boost tourism industry – International

Colombo, April 7 (Daily Mirror) – The UK Travel Advice for Sri Lanka has been updated on 5 April 2024. The Travel Advice has been updated with additional information on emergency medical numbers, the road trip and safety and security on “Entry Requirements”. ‘, ‘Safety and security’, and the ‘Health’ pages. References to shortages … Read more

Add color to your garden with annuals

Since it is already the end of March with April just around the corner, we need to plan what annuals we want to buy this year as the sale of plants and plants will soon be in the stores. Annuals can be used in many different ways in the garden because they are relatively small … Read more

(Pet Talk) A closer look into cryptococcal fungal infections | Lifestyles

Allowing pets to roam outside may seem like harmless fun, providing them with exercise, mental stimulation and the opportunity to explore. Some environments, however, pose hidden dangers that pet owners may not immediately recognize, such as the risk of cryptococcal fungal infections that can infect the lungs, brain and other parts of the body. Dr. … Read more

Qingdao interest in HK travel doubles

People rush to catch the fireworks display in February. Monthly exhibitions are planned in an attempt to attract visitors. SING TAO Stacy Shi Qingdao residents’ interest in visiting Hong Kong has grown, with flight search volume doubling since the individual visit scheme was extended to the northeastern mainland city, according to Mayor Zhao Haozhi. … Read more

Winter Garden to celebrate 10 years of pickleball

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – The city of Winter Garden is celebrating 10 years of pickleball by throwing a three-day celebration at Veterans Memorial Park. The Holy Paddle Day Winter Garden Community Pickleball Fest runs from Thursday, March 14th to Saturday, March 16th. It includes a three-day round robin tournament that is open to beginner, intermediate … Read more

Agave in the garden in Napa County

Have you heard the term “back season”? Sometimes it refers to times between resorts, when neither winter sports nor summer activities are available. Recently I have been thinking that it also applies to late winter and early spring in our gardens. Many plots of the home garden will be ready to burst with heat-loving crops, … Read more

Keep calm and garden on

Esther McGinnis NDSU Extension Last week while teaching class, a student asked me to comment on a recent viral news article that claimed urban agriculture generates six times more carbon than conventional agriculture. After class, I read the news article as well as the original scientific study. What I read left me perplexed and skeptical. … Read more

Bethany teacher to bike Britain | News

GOSHEN – Bethany Christian Schools teacher Josh Weaver was one of more than 100 teachers across the state to receive a Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program Grant from the Lilly Endowment Association. Their brotherhood, the British Bicycle Pilgrimage, starts in early June. “Every project that Lilly funds is designed by the teacher themselves for something they … Read more

Tips for success in the garden in Napa County

The harvest of last year’s summer and autumn crops is over. I harvested my veggies, elderberries, pineapples, guavas and pomegranates. I cleaned the garden and put away my tools. It was time to leave my garden of rest. We begin the new year with a renewed sense of joy and hope, and with the goal … Read more

Salt Lake City Fire Department launches e-bike team at the airport

SALT LAKE CITY – In collaboration with Salt Lake City International Airport, the Salt Lake City Fire Department has developed a new emergency response team. The airport now has a two-person e-bike team that responds to medical calls in the terminal six days a week. “They had all their basic life support equipment,” said Capt. … Read more