Garden now at every Kelso-Longview elementary, middle school

The vegetable garden at Lexington Elementary School looks mostly barren right now, but hopefully it will grow into a thriving ecosystem in a few years, especially with the new addition of a number of native plants. Volunteers of all ages helped plant a lawn of miniature camas, Douglas firs, currants, huckleberries, Oregon grapes and other … Read more

Spring gardening tips: Get your garden ready

Sandy Perrin As the days lengthen and temperatures fluctuate, gardeners across the region prepare for the growing season. Here are some essential tips to ensure your garden thrives this spring: 1. Pruning Tips: With spring in full swing, it’s tempting to start pruning, but hold off on pruning spring flowering trees like forsythia and lilac … Read more

Add color to your garden with annuals

Since it is already the end of March with April just around the corner, we need to plan what annuals we want to buy this year as the sale of plants and plants will soon be in the stores. Annuals can be used in many different ways in the garden because they are relatively small … Read more

Groundbreaking held for ‘intergenerational’ garden | Merrimack Valley

ANDOVER — While the bees weren’t buzzing and the flowers were blooming, shovels were digging outside the Doherty Middle School Track and Robb Center Monday afternoon. The city is building a pollinator and a garden for children from the nearby youth center and attendants of the nearby senior center. The garden was unveiled during a … Read more

Evoke positive emotions by adding the pantone color to Your Garden | Lifestyles

Add a warm and cozy feel to gardens this year with the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. It was chosen to generate a sense of kindness and tenderness and encourage sharing, community and collaboration. Also consider including this color in your garden to convey these emotions or as a good excuse to … Read more

Turning Over a New Leaf: My Garden Rehab Journey | Gardening Tips and How-To Garden Guides

It all happened so quickly. I threw a potluck for my 60th birthday party. An invited guest who happened to be a master stonemason ribbingly insulted the “piles of rubble” that I have decoratively placed around a kidney-shaped pond under my deck. He rearranged said pile, much to my liking, while I was out of … Read more

Agave in the garden in Napa County

Have you heard the term “back season”? Sometimes it refers to times between resorts, when neither winter sports nor summer activities are available. Recently I have been thinking that it also applies to late winter and early spring in our gardens. Many plots of the home garden will be ready to burst with heat-loving crops, … Read more

Keep calm and garden on

Esther McGinnis NDSU Extension Last week while teaching class, a student asked me to comment on a recent viral news article that claimed urban agriculture generates six times more carbon than conventional agriculture. After class, I read the news article as well as the original scientific study. What I read left me perplexed and skeptical. … Read more

Get rid of pesky weeds in your garden naturally

There are different forms of weeds in every garden and controlling weeds in your garden can be complicated, but knowing how to spot problem plants is a crucial first step in management. There are various techniques to help control your weeds. These safer options use pesticide-free methods and work effectively. Here are 5 ways to … Read more

Shake off winter blues with Master Gardeners’ Garden Day | Local News

DANVILLE – Does the frozen landscape make you daydream about spring flowers and bountiful harvests? It’s time to shake off those winter blues with Illinois Extension and Danville Area Community College. The Vermilion County Master Gardeners are holding their annual Garden Day festival on Saturday, March 9, from 8 am to 4 pm at the … Read more