Playful pet parenting

People have realized, especially after COVID-19, that pets are family members, not strangers. HYDERABAD: Pet rearing has been a trend for a long time and has become essential for many people. Understanding how to do it right is crucial, so CE spoke to JS Rama Krishna, Growel Group’s head of pet nutrition, who shared his … Read more

Add color to your garden with annuals

Since it is already the end of March with April just around the corner, we need to plan what annuals we want to buy this year as the sale of plants and plants will soon be in the stores. Annuals can be used in many different ways in the garden because they are relatively small … Read more

(Pet Talk) A closer look into cryptococcal fungal infections | Lifestyles

Allowing pets to roam outside may seem like harmless fun, providing them with exercise, mental stimulation and the opportunity to explore. Some environments, however, pose hidden dangers that pet owners may not immediately recognize, such as the risk of cryptococcal fungal infections that can infect the lungs, brain and other parts of the body. Dr. … Read more

3 Ways Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Love Life

romantic relationships, whether maintained or pursued. get Pets are considered part of the family for many families in the United States, with about 66% having a “fur-baby” of some kind. Many studies have shown that owning a pet can be incredibly beneficial for individual well-being. However, recent research has focused on the intricate role that … Read more

Yard and Garden: Building and Caring for a Terrarium | Atlantic

AMES, Iowa – Building a terrarium is easy and inexpensive and can be done on a snowy afternoon. Their care is minimal, as they can go for months without water in the right conditions. In addition, a wide variety of plants can be grown that typically fail miserably in the dry and drafty environment of … Read more