Here are the new bike lanes Toronto is due to get in the next few months

Toronto has seriously increased its cycling infrastructure in recent years, for the celebration of some and pain of othersand another set of bike lanes was considered for implementation on the streets in different areas of the city before the end of this year. Proposed by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee and going to the City … Read more

The Diodra e-Bike Comes With a Bamboo Frame and the Title of World’s Lightest

As much as we would like to convince ourselves that appearance does not matter, they do. This is not a casual lecture or argument about the deeper meaning of life; Let’s just say that looks matter with new products. For example, most regular riders will not buy a new bike that is ugly, even if … Read more

Tenways’ New CGO600 Pro E-Bike Surprises With Stunning Agility, Style, and Affordability

Urban mobility devices come in all shapes and sizes, but there are few as loved as the bicycle. Well, the last few years have seen an explosion in electrified two-wheelers, and a recent addition to the Tenways repertoire blew me away. Folks, the e-bike in front of us today is none other than Tenways’ latest … Read more

Velo Digest: AXS Battery Solar Charging Patent, A Gearbox Gravel Bike, Assos’ $7000 Skinsuit, & More

What is happening in the curly bar world? Bike Digest show articles from our sister site, Bicycle. In each setup, you can find endurance coverage, power-to-weight ratios, gravel bike technology and, of course, lycra. SRAM AXS Battery Solar Charging Could Be Coming to Your Fender & Bottle Cage By: Jessie-May Morgan Solar arrays on everyday … Read more

Locals and businesses react to East Main bike lanes | Local

The new streets are causing confusion after being installed last fall. MEDFORD, Ore. – New bike lanes along East Main Street in downtown Medford have prompted mixed responses — though most are either confused or upset. Matthew Root, the store manager for Holliday Jewelry on East Main Street said he’s seen people … Read more

Locals and businesses react to East Main bike lanes | News

MEDFORD, Ore. – Last fall, Medford installed new bike lanes along East Main Street center The changes have prompted mixed responses, but the majority are either confused or upset. Matthew Root, store manager for Holliday Jewelry on East Main Street. He saw people mistaking the bike lanes for another traffic lane. “What we’ve seen is … Read more

Toronto vigilante is re-stealing stolen Bike Share bicycles and returning them

A superhero undercover in Toronto, nicknamed “Batman” by some, took it upon himself to save them Bike Share bikes across the city and return them to their rightful stands. The self-described “ethical bike thief” in question, who preferred to be referred to only as “Jonny” in this article, told blogTO that he’s noticed these stolen … Read more

What’s One Thing You Don’t Like About Your Bike?

“Hey, nice bike! How do you like it?” As far as conversation starters go, it’s a popular trailhead. But it rarely elicits a meaningful response. “I like it,” is the answer 99.9% of the time. Not that it isn’t true; bikes are designed for our enjoyment and like an expensive puppy, it’s hard to stay … Read more

Man protects child with shawl while riding bike. Internet has concerns amid praise

A video of a man on a bicycle, braving the cold with his child sitting behind him has sparked a debate on social media. Amidst the misty backdrop, the father’s concern for his son’s warmth was evident as he draped a shawl over the boy, all while maintaining control of the bike with one hand. … Read more