This interactive pet toy makes the perfect holiday gift for $28 (Reg. $35)

Lively animals need a lot of stimulation during the day, otherwise they tend to be restless. Evil dance is an interactive toy that helps to fill the time when the owners are busy. In a limited time price drop, it is currently only $27.97 (Reg. $34.99) at 9to5Toys Specials.

In an ideal world, most pet owners would spend hours a day playing with their fur baby. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. When you have a busy schedule, there will always be periods when your pet needs to have fun.

Wicked Ball is a game that was designed specifically for these situations. Shaped like a ball, it automatically rotates around your home to provide the ultimate hunting game.

To keep things interesting, the ball takes an erratic path. He also has lights that glow. When your pet interacts with the toy, it can jump around or accelerate down the hallway. You can adjust these reactions, with three activity levels to choose from.

For animals who think with their stomachs, Wicked Ball has another trick to offer.

Look closely, and you will see a small hole in the ball. This is the snack reward system, which allows you to load the game with a treat. To enjoy the snack, your pet will have to work hard to free it.

Pets and owners seem to love each other. The Wicked Ball was crowdfunded to the tune of AU$284,000 on Kickstarter, and has since appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and more.

Order from 10/31 to get the Wicked Ball for $27.97 in Green, Yellowgold Blue – makes a great holiday gift for your pet, or any beloved pet!

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