Is Olive Garden Open On Thanksgiving 2023?

If you really want an Olive Garden on Thanksgiving, all is not lost. In addition to ordering ahead and restocking, you can make your own version of the Italian-American chain’s restaurant food at home—starting with the salad. Fans say Aldi’s Tuscan Garden Italian Dressing tastes exactly like Olive Garden’s. Add some lettuce and chilies and you’re half way through the real thing.

As much as it can be an unlimited salad, you may want something a little more hearty. Olive Garden’s famous chicken parm recipe it is also completely doable at home. If you’re more of a white sauce person, try mixing milk, cream, butter, flour, garlic and Parmesan. Yes – Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce it’s practically that simple. Just add some al dente pasta and you’re good to go.

A word of warning before you get cooking: Olive Garden isn’t the only business that closes for the holidays. The shops like Costco and Trader Joe’s is closed on Thanksgiving, too, so make sure you get your ingredients before turkey day.

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