Thank you for … rousing fish tales, in-depth zoo tour, rose garden helpers (Your Letters)

Scenes from Salmon River made him smile, cry

To the editor:

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I enjoyed reading an article by Steven Featherstone, “‘It Could Drown’: Tales of the Loud and Hoarse Race on the Salmon River,” October 26, 2023.

I don’t often read stories about fishing – but something made me gravitate towards this one. Once I started reading, I found it fascinating, and I couldn’t stop. The stories within the story made me feel like I was right there.

I like to go to the Salmon River this time of year and do a little fishing by myself, wearing slippers and lying on the shore, and I’ve never figured out how to get it. I landed my jig in the trees behind me, hooked it in other people’s clothes, and basically did everything except take my own eye out. I am not worthy enough to enter the water and leave that to the weekend warriors brave enough to do what I cannot do.

From the coast, I saw some squabbling but mostly – I saw people fishing. People who all have a story and, for whatever reason, gathered on that day to fish. I really enjoyed reading about the people in Featherstone’s story. His article made me smile and cry. It’s something I needed to do today.

I need to know how much this story meant to me.

Dawn Perrault


The head of the zoo gives a turn

To the editor:

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park is a gem!

We were delighted to experience an in-depth tour of this world-class institution led by none other than Executive Director Ted Fox.

He shared with us some of his many ongoing educational and research activities, as well as plans for future developments to benefit the animals and visitors. It is rewarding to know that our zoo is part of a zoo community dedicated to increasing knowledge and conservation to benefit so many species.

This tour was an award for the best bidder in an auction to benefit our local Tiny Homes for Good program, which provides “affordable, supportive and permanent housing for people facing homelessness.” (To see

Meryl Wolff

Karen Wolff

David Bean

Doreen Milcarek


Rose garden volunteers help keep it beautiful

To the editor

The Syracuse Rose Society helps the city of Syracuse maintain the beautiful and historic Dr. EM Mills Rose Garden located in Thornden Park. Our expert rose gardeners provide education and guidance to the city and the public, and our many volunteer gardeners contribute hundreds of hours of work each month from spring through fall.

We want to thank the many individuals who came to the garden this season and worked with us. We would also like to recognize the organizations that have helped us this garden season by sending new volunteers, providing financial support, and especially contributing to the spirit of volunteerism in our community.

While we can’t list them all, we want to recognize VolunteerCNY; the Thornden Park Association; the Syracuse Parks Conservancy; the many student volunteers from Syracuse University and SUNY ESF, including Orange Seeds and Delta Sigma Pi; and Haylor Freyer & Coon, which sent dozens of gardeners to the United Way’s Day of Care. Thanks to Wegmans, Tops and DiBella Subs for donating refreshments for the volunteers.

Thank you, Sarausa, for recognizing the importance of volunteering to create a quality place to live. We couldn’t do this without you.

Darlene Lowell

president, Rose Society of Syracuse

Cleveland, New York

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