National Geographic Announces Most Exciting Destinations for Travel in 2024

With 2024 just around the corner, travel publications are releasing list after list of where to travel next year. We have covered the the most budget-friendly, the most underrated and trendiest destinations – but what about the world’s most exciting places to visit in 2024?

Well, the travel gurus at National Geographic have the answer, as they are just released The fresh list for 2024. 30 destinations around the world made the list, from the Albanian Alps to the Andrefana Dry Forests in Madagascar.

Europe dominates almost half of the list with 13 entries, incl MaltaThe capital of Valletta and Pompeii in Italy. Many destinations are now more accessible thanks to the vast improvements happening on the railways. Perhaps the most intriguing, National Geographic predicts that Wales will be a successful travel destination in 2024.

According to The Cool List, Wales has a centuries-old whiskey tradition that is often overshadowed by that of Ireland and Scotland. Welsh whiskey has experienced something of a renaissance; Cardigan Bay and Penryn are home to two of the nation’s four “geographical indication sanctioned” distilleries, which means you taste the whiskey at its source.

The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is another destination highlighted to be one of the most exciting to travel next year, and it is no surprise, since Mérida, the largest city in the state, also made the list of trending destinations according to tea Yucatan The landscape has a fascinating history: the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs landed here, forming extremely flat terrain and the famous cenotes of the area, which were formed by the fall of the meteor.

Sierra Leone also makes the Nat Geo list. The country has recently become much more accessible thanks to the opening of a new airport. Nature is what most travelers venture here, and there is much to marvel at with its beaches, mountains and native chimpanzees.

Other destinations include Sikkim in Indiawhich boasts a generous view of the Himalayas, and Victoria in Australiathanks to a new road trip that visits the thermal hot springs of the area.

Here are the most exciting destinations to visit in 2024, according to National Geographic


The Americas


  • AkageraRwanda
  • Andrefana Dry ForestMadagascar
  • Sierra Leone


South Pacific

Where to travel in 2024

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