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Surrounded by the beauty of the fall garden, members of the Garden Club of Richmond set up in the covered pavilion of the Enchanted Forest Center and Plant Nursery for their October meeting. Hostess Carol Edwards and her co-hostesses Cindy Bass, Diana Kelley, Judy Adamson and Barbara Wade served the club a buffet of taco salads with assorted cookies for dessert in a comfortable outdoor setting.

Standing in front of a lot of products and plants available in his nursery, Danny Lenderman, co-owner of Enchanted Forest, part of the Enchanted Nurseries and Landscape family, gave a timely program to recover from the drought experienced by our area ‘year. A little history about the beginnings of this gardening family told members that the nursery began in the 70’s operating on weekends in Missouri City. After moving to Richmond where Enchanted Gardens was started and is currently managed by his brother Joey, he then established Enchanted Forest in 2001.

Danny welcomed questions about personal problems members had with their lawns and gardens and continued his presentation with a list of lawn care products recommended for lawns and gardens to thrive.

If a lawn has chinch bug or drought damage, Barricade is a pre-emergent that prevents the growth of weed seeds. It is recommended to apply 3 times a year, spring, summer and autumn, throughout the garden.

If ants are a problem, I suggest the Distinguish product.

Their fallback formula for stressed plants is a Micro-Gro product called Ocean Harvest. It is a probiotic for plants – not a fertilizer.

Sulfur is good for acidifying the soil for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, camellias or hollies.

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