From gig tripping to main character energy these are the travel vibes of Indians

As we enter a new era of wanderlust, Indian travelers are leading the charge on exciting adventures. Whether it’s grooving to their favorite bands or slipping into the shoes of iconic on-screen characters, our travel aspirations have taken a significant leap forward in the coming year. So, what’s on India’s travel radar for 2024?

According to Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024 Report, a variety of travel trends are ready to ignite your wanderlust, forcing you to pack your bags with fervor.

Gig tripping: Rocking to new horizons

The days of assistance concerts in your garden they are in the rear view mirror. In 2024, the travel trend is all about catching your favorite artists on foreign shores. With major international tours making waves, Indians are more eager than ever to travel abroad for live shows, especially if they can secure concert tickets at a bargain. Superfans are ready to jet-set, with 37% willing to fly short-haul and 20% even considering long-haul flights for the ultimate concert experience, as reported.

Energy of the main character: Live the dream of the screen

2024 introduces an exciting concept in travel – “main character energy”. It’s about embodying the essence of your beloved personalities on screen. Why just watch when you can become your favorite character? With 39% of Indian travelers finding inspiration in movies and TV shows for their travels, it’s obvious they’re ready to immerse themselves in the cultural zeitgeist. Leading the list is Emily from “Emily in Paris” – 42% of Indian travelers aspire to experience Paris like her. After the release of season 3, searches from India to the City of Love soared by 23%. It’s about living the your screen dreams in 2024.

Eat, travel, repeat: Foodie frenzy abroad

Food and travel have always been a match made in heaven, but in 2024, their relationship will reach new heights. An incredible 59% of Indian travelers chose a destination solely based on a specific restaurant they wanted to visit. Tasting local cuisine and savoring authentic dishes reign supreme, with 38% prioritizing this above all else. While many consider fine dining to be out of their budget, they estimate at ₹5,599 per person, plan to spend ₹5,509 per meal per person while on vacation. The good news is that more cities offer excellent value restaurants, making the foodie’s dream a reality.

Sleep tourism: a search for serenity

In a world that never seems to sleep, sleep tourism‘is a growing trend. Since people are looking for more and more sleep retreats, they are also more interested in sleep health. An impressive 85% of Indian travelers are now paying more attention to their sleep health, with 20% even considering sleeping as one of the main activities for their next vacation. Catching those Z’s has become a top priority, and travel plays a crucial role in that.

Indian travelers are on the move, and short-haul destinations are in high demand. Top of the list is Da Nang, renowned for its beaches, but other sun-drenched destinations like Krabi and Mahe are also on the radar. Places as far away as Osaka and Auckland are not forgotten either. Japan’s continued popularity as a foodie destination means travelers are eager to discover its culinary delights.

What is important for Indian travelers in 2024?

The ‘vibe’ of a destination is a key factor, with 43% of travelers considering it vital when choosing where to go. Cultural experiences, shopping, historical tours, and sampling of local food are high on the agenda, and value for money remains a major consideration. While 26% say that the cost of flights determines their destination, 63% are willing to spend more on travel in 2024 compared to the previous year.

Additionally, 86% of Indian travelers plan to take the same number, if not more, of trips abroad in 2024 compared to 2023.

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