Candy land pet pics to benefit Buffalo City Animal Shelter

BUFFALO, NY – U Buffalo Barkery teamed up with Marlee and Me Photography to give you and your pet the sweetest opportunity.

They are hosting a candy land themed photo shoot on Saturday November 4th from 11:00am – 5:30pm at the Barkery location on Allen Street.

The photoshoot requires people to reserve a time slot in advance which can be done by calling or texting 716-984-1060 with your email, dog’s name, and what time works best.

People who participate are asked to pay for the shoot by making a $25 donation to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

The event will also have a pop-up from Buffalo Dapper Paws handmade dog accessories.

All dogs attending must be on leashes, but not retractable. To read more about Barkery’s liability agreement attend the visit

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