Bike victim’s family, police shown in first moments at hit-and-run crash scene

Kyle J. Paine and Julia Romero

16 minutes ago

Viewer Discretion: This content may be disturbing to some viewers.

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) – NewsNation affiliate KLAS has obtained an intense new video that shows the moments a the victim’s family and the police arrive at a crime scene after a viral hit and run who killed a former police chief.

The video, captured by Las Vegas Metro Police body cameras in August. 14, showed the family of 64-year-old Andy Probst arrived at the scene armed with little information.

“I’m his wife,” the woman, Crystal Probst, told the first officer on the scene. “We knew [to come here] because my daughter got an SOS from her phone that it was down. So that’s how we got here. And we got there just as the ambulance got there, so we don’t know anything.”

The police, after conferring with a firefighter, already knew that Probst was fighting for his life, and quickly made the decision to close the stretch of road where he was hit. And the victim’s wife apparently had a sense that Probst was a hit and run victim.

The police officer who first responded to the scene, inquiring about Probst’s condition, asks a firefighter if he is “critical.”

“Very,” said the fireman.

The family also had questions, as the only remnant of the violent incident was Probst’s mangled bicycle.

“Was it a hit and run? Is that what they say?” Crystal Probst asked the police. The officer replied, “Yes, and that’s why we’re investigating. So we’re trying to find out more information about who they are.

two young –Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16 – were arrested for Probst’s murder. Prosecutors said the driver of the car intentionally hit bicyclist Andy Probst, 64, while the passenger recorded cellphone video. Probst, a retired police chief from California, was later pronounced dead.

The hit-and-run was part of a crime spree that, authorities said, included another hit-and-run moments before Probst. A hit-and-run involving a car on the road moments before Probst was hit was also on video.

And on the same video, for the first time, a man was seen and heard telling the police that he was the victim of the other crash.

Wearing an orange shirt, that man told police, “I got my car hit by the same vehicle.” Police told the man that traffic officers were on their way for interviews.

Police were also seen asking a handful of witnesses what, if anything, they saw before returning to Probst’s family to encourage them to follow Probst to the hospital.

“Do we know anything about his condition? Please,” pleads Crystal Probst. The police officer replied, “Anything that comes [the fire department] is that it is only a critical condition. Right now. That’s all I got. “

She answered, as she began to walk towards her because, “We have to go.” And the police officer said, “It would be a good idea if you did.”

If convicted, the maximum sentence that the teenagers could receive is life in prison with the possibility of parole.

By law, the death penalty cannot be pursued against a defendant unless they are 18 or older at the time of the crime. Life without parole is also off the table for defendants under 18.

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