Very Wiry Jasper Is Huntington Adoptable Pet Of The Week

HUNTINGTON, NY – Jasper, a 3-month-old tiger kitten, is Grateful Paw Cat Shelter’s Huntington Pet of the Week. And it’s “very tight,” according to Debbi Larkin, the shelter’s president.

“Kittens…kittens…kittens! Everyone loves them and this furbaby is the most active and active in the kitten room,” said Larkin.


Jasper was born to a vagabond mother, but his mother was smart enough to be at home.
someone’s home in July, Larkin said. Two days after their mother (Jersey) found their forever home (unbeknownst to the man in the house), Jasper and his brother Jax were born in a closet. Jasper and his brother stayed with their mother until they were about 6 weeks old, and then the boys were placed in a foster home that showed them both what life could be like.

“He was raised with lots of other cats and kittens as well as 2 dogs…and gave them all a run for their money!” Larkin said.

Jasper’s mother was adopted by the original owners of the house that took him in, while Jasper’s brother, Jax, went straight from the family home to the forever home.

“It didn’t seem to bother Jasper, he quickly made friends with everyone in the kitten room,” Larkin said.

Jasper likes to play with all the other kittens in the room, and if no one is interested in playing, he can have fun. He likes to chase balls around the room, carry toy mice from one bed to another and likes to run and jump on the wall like he does the 500-yard run.
sprint, according to Larkin.

“He’s so stupid sometimes that the other cats just sit and watch because they can’t hang out with him. And then there are times where he just goes and curls up with one of the others to take a nice long nap. .”

Jasper is the first one at the door looking out so he doesn’t miss anything that might happen down the hall. He also wants to make sure you don’t pass by the kitten’s room and forget to feed him, Larkin said. He will make his little shrill voice heard throughout the building and even
in the street The minute he puts his hand on the doorknob, he’s ready to make a run for it just in case he decides to put the plate of food in the hallway and not in the bedroom.

Jasper, a 3-month-old tiger kitten, is the Huntington Pet of the Week. (Credit: Grateful Paw Cat Shelter)

Jasper has been fully vet checked at the shelter, tested negative for FELV and FIV, vaccinated, crate trained and neutered.

“He would love to go to his forever home with another of the kittens in the shelter, or if you already have another kitten or a young cat at home that would be perfect for him, and for you, because he can’t take himself. in too much trouble because he’s bored! Larkin said.

If you are interested in meeting Jasper, you can call the shelter at 631-757-4517, email, visit the Facebook page or visit the Grateful Paw Cat Shelter.

The rescue is at 3 Verleye Ave., East Northport, and visiting hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 4 pm.

The shelter is also open from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday evenings only for those who cannot make it during daylight hours.

“If you’re looking for a kitty that has one of the sweetest personalities while being as active as the Energizer bunny, Jasper is your boy!” Larkin said. “He is one of the lucky ones who does not know hunger, pain or discomfort like so many other kittens that we have saved. We are making him a forever home so that we can continue to make room for others who are not not lucky.”

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