Reimagining the gardens of the future with Acacia Garden Center

Vinoth Kumar, Manager of Acacia Garden Center, explains: “Of course, we always offer a wide range of plants”, referring to AGC’s extensive collection of plants for indoor and outdoor applications, imported from Holland, Thailand, Spain, Italy , Vietnam. , India and China. “But our new complex will feature an even larger display of outdoor lifestyle products, as well as a flower shop, gift shop and recreation area, located in our new courtyard, where customers can participate in workshops in the winter months.

AGC’s new product range will include outdoor cooking stations, shade structures, indoor and outdoor fountains, mulch, fresh and artificial flowers and an even wider range of pots, outdoor furniture and gardening tools and accessories.

With the aspiration of Enhance Your Lifestyle, the transformed AGC complex takes its inspiration from Holland which has the best garden centers in the world.

“Members of our management have made several visits to Holland to visit and study the garden centers there,” says Naser Ahmed, the CEO of Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies of which AGC is a subsidiary. “In 2022, we have hired the services of a Dutch garden center expert to redesign this garden center to bring the Netherlands experience to Dubai!”

The renovation of the garden center was due to be completed in the off-peak season. “We are on schedule,” says Kumar. Acacia Garden Center is set to open its doors to the public very soon, “Just before the start of the winter season and customers are ready to enjoy the outdoors,” concludes Kumar.

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