Pet dog survives intricate and risky surgery thanks to Cheshire vets

Nine-year-old crossbreed Pablo underwent life-or-death surgery to remove a tumor from a major blood vessel at Northwest Veterinary Specialists (NWVS) in Runcorn.

The extremely complicated surgery carries a mortality rate of up to 40 percent, but it was Pablo’s only chance to return to his old life.

Matt Smith, specialist in surgery at NWVS, said: “Part of Pablo’s tumor extended 7.5cm along the vena cava.

“This is the major vein that returns blood to the heart, and surgery can be extremely challenging because of the risk of fatal bleeding.

“It can also be extremely challenging from an anesthesia perspective due to severe changes in blood pressure due to the release of adrenaline during tumor removal, and the temporary blockage of blood flow to the heart for allows removal of the tumor.”

Pablo had been referred to NWVS because of intermittent vomiting and a possible abdominal mass, although he was still eating and drinking as normal and generally seemed himself.

Pablo’s grateful owner Gemma Trevers, from Chadderton, said: “It was really scary, especially when we were told that if he didn’t have the operation, there wouldn’t be much chance of him surviving very long.

Chester and District Standard: Pablo underwent life-saving surgeryPablo underwent life-saving surgery (Image: NWVS)

“However, we knew that the surgery was very complicated, and there was about a 20 to 40 percent chance that he may not go through the surgery.

“We were heartbroken that we wanted to do everything we could for him, but we knew we had to go ahead with something dangerous and potentially lose him in theater to be able to give him a chance.

“We were told that if he made it through the surgery, his recovery and prognosis would be very good.”

Fortunately, despite its complexity and significant challenges, the surgery was a success and Pablo made a full recovery.

Gemma added: “We feel extremely confident in Matt being able to carry out the surgery and we know Pablo would be in the best hands.

“Pablo is like a puppy again. His quality of life is amazing and he is running around and going for longer walks.

“I am extremely grateful that NWVS was there to give Pablo a second chance and allow him to continue his life with us for many years to come.”

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