Paxxter e trailer helps make hauling cargo by bike less of a drag

When you need to transport more than you can carry in your bag, bike trailers are a great option. But the extra weight can be a drag. This is where the Paxxter e from Germany Roland Werk comes in, as it packs an electric motor into each wheel.

Whether you do your weekly shopping or even other bikesgold going into natureTrailers attached to a bike make for a neat way to get you and your cargo where you need to be, while freeing up the bike for use only when not riding.

Following the tire tracks of solutions like the Biomega Ein and Trailerduckthe Paxxter e is essentially an electric assist version of the Roland Werk Boxer introduced at Eurobike 2022.

Each of its two 16-inch wheels is home to a 125-W hub motor. A sensor mounted on the bicycle crank works with a control system on the trailer to provide useful load support up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) on three power levels.

Three power levels are available up to 25 km/h, selected according to the load and working with a pedal sensor to ensure that the rider receives sufficient support.

Roland Werk

A module on the trailer is used to set the support level and also has status LED lights for the remaining charge of the removable 180-Wh battery (a range extender battery is available as an optional extra).

The Paxxter e trailer can be used with or without the enclosed, waterproof aluminum transport box – which can be purchased in two sizes – and features a nifty kickstand for parked stability. The trailer itself can be packed in the box for storage between uses.

The 156 liter version is priced at €3,299.90 (about US$3,500 – although there is no mention of international availability) while the 239 liter flavor comes in at €3,399.90.

Product page: Roland Werk Paxxter e

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