Oman Botanic Garden leads in preserving botanical heritage

Muscat – On the occasion of Oman Tree Day on Tuesday, the Oman Botanic Garden, in cooperation with Petroleum Development Oman, organized an interactive session to present its achievements in the field of afforestation and preservation of botanical heritage of the sultanate.

Covering 4.2sqkm, the garden will be the largest of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula and in the world.

In more than a decade of work on the project, the Oman Botanical Garden team managed to record 25 new plant species.

The garden will preserve and celebrate Oman’s botanical diversity in two biomes and the surrounding outdoor habitats, which contain the country’s most threatened and endemic flora.

An official from the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism informed that the project showcases all of Oman’s native plant species in carefully created natural habitats, from bone-dry deserts to lush green monsoon forests. “The garden will also showcase the traditional crops grown and the many ways people use plants in Oman.” Located at the foot of the Al Hajar mountains in Al Khoud, the site is one of the few places in the world where the ancient sea bed is visible 100 m above sea level.

The official reported that 1,407 species of local plants have been cultivated in environments that simulate their native conditions. “The team has carried out about a thousand field trips since the start of the project.”

The project is the first of its kind in the region; No other botanic garden represents the entire flora of a country in a habitat environment, presenting an unprecedented opportunity for visitors to experience the flora and vegetation of Oman while learning about the agricultural heritage, rich cultural traditions and legendary country hospitality.

The project will include cable cars, nurseries, a visitor center, a research center, a field study center, habitat gardens, habitat pavilions, amenity areas, play areas and family areas in garden settings which are unique in Oman.

Tuesday’s program saw PDO employees grow 2,000 seedlings and more than 10,000 seeds of Omani plant species, which will be planted in the garden.

The program aims to raise awareness of the importance of trees, community and institutional cooperation in the propagation and preservation of Omani plants, and to strengthen the efforts made in the field of afforestation and agriculture .

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