New Lectric XPeak Fat-Tire E-Bike Is Ready For Adventures Big And Small

Electric proves once again that you don’t need a big budget for big adventures.

The new Lectric XPeak Fat-Tire E-Bike is ready for adventures big and small

With more people realizing the benefits that e-bikes bring to the table, it’s no surprise that brands like Lectric are very successful. We talked Electric first on many occasions, and frankly, I find it very impressive how the company combines style, performance and versatility in a package that is affordable and accessible. Indeed, its newest offering is no exception, and it has off-road adventurers in mind.

The Lectric XPeak is a departure from what we’ve come to expect from the Minnesota company’s selection of electric folding bikes. While models like the Lectric XP are primarily designed to navigate the urban jungle, the new XPeak is equipped with technology and features that can take you beyond the confines of the pavement and into the literal jungle. Of course, it claims the practicality of a folding frame, but it receives a much more robust and robust design similar to that of a mountain bike. Up front, it has a suspension fork for enhanced all-terrain capability, and the bike rolls on four-inch-wide fat tires.

On the performance end, the Lectric XPeak is powered by a 750 watt hub motor with a maximum output of 1,310 watts. This gives it a maximum assisted speed of 28 miles per hour, and it can operate in class 1, 2 or 3 modes. Another notable feature of the Stealth M24 engine is its silent operation, which allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of hitting paths with gravel and twigs crunching under your tires. As for the battery, it is equipped with a 48 volt, 14 ampere-hour battery integrated into the frame. The 672 watt-hour battery pack can be easily removed from the frame for convenient charging on or off the bike.

The Lectric XPeak is equipped with a thumb throttle as standard, which allows you to treat it like a small electric motorcycle in times when you are too tired to pedal. That said, it does make use of a basic cadence sensor, albeit one with a current limiting system, to provide smoother pedal assist similar to that of a torque sensor. On the mechanical side of things, the XPeak is equipped with a seven-speed derailleur transmission, and rolls on 26-inch tires that measure four inches wide. It stops with hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors, and even comes with an integrated LED light for extra safety.

As you probably know, Lectric is very proud of its affordable selection of e-bikes. However, this is not to say that the brand cuts corners when it comes to security. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The XPeak has undergone ISO M4210-10 testing, putting it on par with premium electric mountain bikes from much more established brands. The test ensures that the frame, fork and other components are durable enough to withstand out of the way use, and according to Lectric, the XPeak passed with flying colors.

To add to the appeal of the XPeak, Lectric offers it with a wide selection of in-house extras such as luggage racks, bags, mudguards and locks. As of this writing, the Lectric XPeak is not only available, but it is expected to be open for pre-orders from November 1, 2023. If you are one of the few to place your orders by then, you will be treated to a Launch Package amounting to $450 consisting of front and rear luggage racks with baskets, a set of fenders, a folding lock and an Elite LED headlight. All this can be yours for the attractive price of only $1,399.

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