Middlebury residents question plan to put parking lot on garden site

Proposed zoning changes in Akron’s Middlebury have some residents worried about how the community will be affected.

Fairmount Properties and Summa Health Systems plan to reclaim a lot on South Adolph Street into a parking lot for the YMCA, replacing a community garden run by Let’s Grow Akron.

Avery Duff, a South Adolph resident and employee of Let’s Grow Akron, said they have been waiting for the day when the garden and their house will be bulldozed.

“While I lived on this street, I saw the Summa hospital tear down more than half the houses and trees in the neighborhood and turn these spaces into parking lots,” Duff said. “Today, my house is surrounded on three sides by the land of Summa and the parking lots.”

A Summa representative said it was understood the garden could be in that space as long as Summa needed the land, and that they had proposed three alternate locations for the garden.

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