Magicshine Monteer 8000s Galaxy Light Review


The Magic Shine Monteer 8000s Galaxy bike light is what you want mounted on the front of a tractor for night farming, or attached to the hood of your car if the headlights go out.

Magic Shine Monteer 8000 Specifications

  • Maximum brightness of 8000 Lm
  • Weight: 144 g (lamp only)
  • Runtime: 8000Lm – 1.5hrs, 4400Lm – 3.4hrs, 2400Lm – 6.5hrs, 1000Lm – 12hrs, too many other options to list
  • Supports: handlebar included, helmet sold separately
  • Price: $399.99 MSRP
  • Buy from Amazon

This thing is about 8x more powerful than most mountain bikers need, although someone who needs it can throw 8000Lm into the forest for 90 minutes.

When you add the weight of the battery, the whole system weighs about the same as two mountain bike lights with built-in batteries, but it puts out much more light than the pair. The point of creating this light could have been the the most powerful Light MTB on the market, which the brand says it is.

With five LEDs ready, the runtimes and power settings for this light are many and varied. Riders can choose between using the two lower bulbs, just the top three, or all five at once, and all of these options have four brightness settings and a flash mode. You may not want to flash the maximum lumens. I think it is a health hazard.

At 1000 or 2400 Lm of blast from all five bulbs, this light will shine for between 12 or 6.5 hours, making it a fantastic option for 24 hour runs or night runs. When you run or ride long endurance miles at night we not only need enough light to see the details, but we need those details to shine a little in return to stay awake. That’s why they are good high power lamps like this one.

The Monteer 8000 comes with a Garmin-Handlebar style, and if you want to run at full blast, you probably don’t need an additional helmet lamp. The cord is very long to reach your helmet with the battery stored in a pocket or pocket. I would like to see Magicshine provide a helmet strap in the box with this light. While the price is reasonable for the powerful light, it would be nice not to have to order extra parts when the new equipment arrives.

Pros and cons of the Magic Shine Monteer 8000s Galaxy


  • Great battery and excellent battery life in medium brightness modes


  • Helmet mount not included

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