Industry Voice: The increase in popularity of Gap Year travel insurance

A gap year has long been a rite of passage for many students, whether post-high school and going to university, or between the worlds of graduating and starting a career.

Either way, a gap year is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore the world before life’s responsibilities take over. It’s something that, looking back, I should have really enjoyed – however, I ended up going into the travel industry and seeing the world through many trips throughout my career!

The “sabbatical year for adults”

Especially since the pandemic, we’ve noticed a growing popularity for people in their 40s, 50s and beyond embarking on what we call an “adult sabbatical.” Many are either choosing to retire early and fund their trips from private pensions, or take their 25 percent tax-free drawdown and use it to take a sabbatical from their jobs. This doesn’t even have to be for a whole year: sometimes it’s for anything from six weeks to a few months.

The fact is that backpackers are no longer twenty years old, and it is not mandatory to own a backpack. Some of them run very successful blogs where they document their adventures, and in fact, there is a growing tribe of so-called “digital nomads” – essentially people backpacking around the world who work remotely and often document their lives and travel in digital while doing so. .

We find that the needs of this market sector are very different from those of everyday travelers. For example, many younger customers want to volunteer or plan to work in a bar or restaurant while traveling, and so it is vital for them that they are covered for this in their travel insurance policies.

Older customers may need to return home mid-trip so that they can look after children, their home, parents or pets, and for that, of course, they need travel insurance that covers them. allows you to do this without canceling the cover.

Similarly, it is also very important that those who are well and truly bitten by the travel bug and decide to extend their trip can do so, as not all standard policies allow this. Therefore, it was important to us that our backpacker insurance has the ability to be extended for up to five years while traveling, without the need to return home first.

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