How much Americans are spending on pet costumes this Halloween

People all over the country are dressing up for Halloween, and they’re not leaving their furry friends behind.

Americans are expected to spend a whopping $700,000 on pet costumes this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

The most popular pet costume in 2023 is a pumpkin. Other popular costumes include a hot dog, a bat, a bumblebee and a spider.

While pet costumes can be adorable, experts warn they can also be dangerous.

“If they don’t fit well or restrict movement, they can cause your pet to have problems breathing or rub and cause bare spots or wounds. If they are uncomfortable, they may try to chew it and swallow a part, which can cause problems intestines. If you want your pet to be in a costume, make sure it fits well, keep an eye on them while they’re wearing it, and don’t leave them out for too long,” said Sarah Wooten, veterinarian. and a veterinary expert of Pumpkin Animal Insurance.

Habits can also cause stress to pets, so keep an eye out for out-of-character behaviors such as panting, hiding, going to the bathroom in the house.

The big bucks spent on pet costumes come in at the most expensive Halloween ever. Halloween spending is expected to reach a record $12.2 billion this year.

Last year, Americans spent $10.6 billion on Halloween.

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