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Toronto, Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As Canadians travel, Camfil Canada CA shares a report titled, ” LOOKING TO GO ON VACATION? AIR QUALITY, HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS FOR YOUR HOTEL STAY,” putting in light an often overlooked aspect. of hotel stays – indoor air quality (IAQ).

Despite commendable cleaning measures taken by many hotels, outdated HVAC systems and air filtration equipment can leave travelers exposed to a range of pollutants, including allergens and virus-laden aerosol particles. The importance of superior IAQ to curb the spread of infections and to ensure guest comfort cannot be overstated.

Key highlights from the Report: :

  • Many hotel rooms circulate the same air without effectively removing pollutants, increasing the potential risk of exposure to airborne pathogens for guests.
  • Outdoor and indoor sources of pollution can pose significant health risks, from respiratory disease to heart disease and cancer
  • Simple precautions, such as disinfecting touch points and ensuring adequate ventilation, can greatly reduce the risk of illness during travel.

A promising trend highlighted is the proactive steps hotels are taking to enhance IAQ. The MGM Resort chain, for example, is going above and beyond by updating ventilation and adding air purification units to guest rooms.

For hotels aiming to optimize air quality, Camfil air filtration Canada recommends the adoption of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Renowned for capturing at least 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles, these filters can be a game changer in producing great IAQ. In addition, tools such as the City M Air Purifier offer both the removal of gaseous air pollutants and infectious particles, as well as the removal of other particulate pollution, making a solution effective against the full range of air pollutants found in hotels around the world.

For a complete understanding of the best air filtration solutions tailored to the individual needs of hotels, Camfil encourages you to consult commercial building air filtration experts near you.

About Camfil Canada Clean Air Solutions: Camfil, a global leader in clean air solutions, has been championing the cause of clean air for more than six decades. With a solid commitment to reducing environmental impact and enhancing human health, Camfil’s innovative products have set industry benchmarks. The group, with its vast global presence, continuously seeks to conserve more, use fewer resources, and innovate for a healthier planet.

For a deeper dive into how to optimize air quality during your travels and the innovations that Camfil Canada offers, visit Camfil Canada.


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