Digital Travel Document Being Tested in Finland Recognised As One of Best Inventions

Digital Travel Credentials (DTC), a digital travel document that is currently being tested in Finland, has been recognized by Time as one of the revolutionary inventions in the Apps and Software category.

While there are many other inventions that could have secured a place in this selection, the Finnish DTC was able to be chosen since the document is expected to facilitate the journey in the future significantly. reports.

Finland has become the first country in the world to test digital travel documents at the end of August this year, and since then, all Finns have been able to become part of the pilot project.

The trial period for the digital travel document will last until the end of February 2024, and more citizens of Finland were called to prove the document and experience the border controls of the future.

As the Finnish Border Guard explains, the DTC has been tested by the country’s citizens taking Finnair flights to Manchester, London and Edinburgh, as well as by those returning to the country from the same destinations.

Since the end of August, a large number of Finns have already gone through the border inspection using the digital travel document, and many others have been encouraged to do so.

The digital travel document that is being tested in Finland allows all citizens of the country to go through checks more quickly without having to wait in line for a long period of time. As has been observed in the test period so far, the inspection time for the digital travel document is only about ten seconds, ensuring that passengers have a smooth experience.

Although there are still some Finns who may be reluctant to try the document, the Finnish Border Guard has stressed that the digital travel document is just as reliable as the physical passport.

The same noted that the digital travel document allows a quick and smooth border crossing without compromising the safety of passengers.

In order to be able to prove the digital travel document, Finns must first register. The registration process takes about five minutes, and once this step is completed, those with a valid Finnish passport will have the opportunity to prove the document.

Besides Finland, Croatia has also started testing digital travel documents. The DTC test project in Croatia was implemented by the Croatian authorities earlier in October with the aim of improving safety and improving the overall passenger experience using the latest technology.

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