Caribbean Destinations Continue Driving Travel and Tourism’s Recovery

The Caribbean continues to lead the way for the recovery of the travel industry in the wake of COVID-19, according to the travel analysis company. Forward keys.

Analyzing airline tickets issued up to September 26 – capturing scheduled flight arrivals on that date and bookings up to the end of 2023 – this year’s air traffic is still set to finish 25 percent behind at the pre-pandemic peak of 2019.

However, looking at the most visited countries in the world, seven of the top 10 nations boast a Caribbean coast.

The Dominican Republic tops the list, with 14 percent more visitors arriving by air in 2023 than compared to 2019.

The DR is followed by Costa Rica and Aruba, both 11 percent ahead of 2019 figures. Jamaica and Puerto Rico are not far behind, both 9 percent ahead while Colombia and Mexico saw a 5 percent jump.

Meanwhile, the Bahamas and Greece saw a 3 percent rise to Saudi Arabia 10th.

“The success of the Caribbean has been driven by the strong appeal of beach holidays, the proximity of the world’s strongest outbound travel market, the United States, and the economic dependence of many Caribbean countries on the tourism, which has caused them to introduce a variety of measures to maintain attractive short-term visitors during the pandemic and after,” said ForwardKeys.

“Colombia’s tourist growth is mainly due to a boost in the capacity of airplane seats, in 31 percent in 2019. The strong demonstration of Saudi Arabia was fueled by the government’s policy to invest $ 800 billion to make the country a world-class tourist destination, as well as efforts to increase air connectivity and the removal of the attendance cap in the Haj pilgrimage.

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