Cambridgeshire Fire Service calls for law change on e-bike batteries

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The fire claimed the lives of Gemma Germeney, 31, and her children Lilly Peden, eight, and Oliver Peden, four.

A fire service is calling for changes to the law on the sale of chargers after an e-bike battery fire killed a mother and two children.

Cambridgeshire Fire Service has written to the coroner asking it to push for better regulation of online sales.

The coroner has not yet completed the inquest and said the matter was still “under investigation”.

The fire claimed the lives of Mrs Germeney, Lilly Peden, eight, and Oliver Peden, four, and is believed to have been caused by an electric bicycle that was left charging overnight.

In the letter, the fire service said: “There is still a lack of regulation for online markets, where people can buy batteries and chargers that cannot meet product safety standards.”

He added that he was concerned about e-bike conversion kit chargers “which can be used, or misplaced, with battery packs, increasing the risk of fire”.

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Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service called the coroner to ask the government to change the legislation

The fire service said that the solution did not lie “only with improved regulation”, but also with “education about the safe use of light private electric vehicles”.

The Government Office of Product Safety and Standards has published information for consumers to raise awareness about the safe purchase, use and charging of e-bikes and e-scooters.

The coroner’s office said the case was still ongoing and a “pre-inquest review hearing will be listed in due course.”

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Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service wrote a letter to Cambridge & Peterborough Coroners Service last month

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