Book Travel Through Trainline … and You Might Befriend a Sasquatch

If you have traveled through many countries in Europe, you know that booking trains, buses and other transport can be an overwhelming experience. Trainline lets you do everything through one service, so you don’t have to deal with providers and languages ​​from every country.

While the premise of the ad is a little wild — a guy on a road trip forms an unlikely bromance with a Bigfoot-esque creature — it has a sound heart. You become more open and relaxed when the stress is lifted off your shoulders. Things seem possible that they didn’t have before, like friendship, or even love!, beyond improbable boundaries. This message feels well timed for the politics of the moment.

“How you start your journeys can significantly influence how they develop,” observes Jo McClintock, Trainline’s VP of brand and marketing. “So when it comes to bringing ‘Great Journeys Start With Trainline’ to life in one of our most European markets, we wanted to create a campaign that shows how a great and effortless start to your journeys can lead to wonderful possibilities, wonderful and limitless.”

Digital support away from home for work from November 26 in Rome and Milan, followed by a second phase later in the year.



Executive Creative Director: Curro Piqueras Parra
Creative Director: Tomás Gianelli O’Ryan
Art director: Pietro Soldi
Art Director: Daniela Gonzalez Lavalle
Copywriter: Matt Yeo
Client Advisor: Hamish Day
Senior Account Manager: Jeanine Vette

Director of Integrated Production – Matteo Pecorari
Senior producer – Maria Chiara Muglia
Producer – Elisabetta Carli
Head of Physical Production – Simone Raddi
Post-producer – Miriam Ottina
Online editor – Federica Ruggeri

Director – Matthew Swanson
DOP – Pawel Pogorzelski
1 AD – Antony Tanev
Casting – Lesley Beastall Casting
Production Service – Solent Film
Solent Film MD – Magdalena Staneva, Alex Momchev
Solent Film Service Producer – Konstantina Manolova, Petra Trendafilova
Prod Designer – Momchil Tasev
Stylist – Ina Damyanova
Editor – David Whittaker (Tenthree)
Publisher Producer – Clelland Allen (Tenthree)
Color Classification – George Neave (Coffee & TV)
Flame – Rory Whittle (Coffee & TV)
Nuke – James Belch (Coffee & TV)
Postproducer Coffee&TV – Pete Burch
Music and VO – Operà Music

Photographer – Paula Patocka

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