Blooming Wildflower Pups pet groomer opens in West Lafayette

  • Rebekkah Cottrell recently opened Blooming Wildflower Pups at 101 W. Railroad St. in West Lafayette.
  • It offers basic and complete grooming with nail polish, facials, moisturizing treatments and special baths for senior dogs and those with sensitive skin.
  • Cottrell wants to add mud baths and detox in the future and possibly another groomer. Offers one-on-one appointments for dogs with high anxiety at groomers.
  • Cottrell was an STNA for nine years, but became interested in caring for dogs and decided to do it full time after learning the ropes with her dog, Charlie.

WEST LAFAYETTE − A lifelong love of dogs led a West Lafayette woman to open what she considers to be a spa to pamper puppies.

Rebekkah Cottrell is owner and operator of Blooming Wildflower Pups at 101 W. Railroad St., West Lafayette. It is the only groomer, but others may be added in the future. Cottrell is proud to serve one dog at a time because she knows that many dogs can be frightened by having other dogs around and many do not do well to be trimmed and washed.

“I have dogs that come in that are terrified of water and have high separation anxiety. They do great for me because it’s just me and them,” she said. “I give them a bath, I clean them, I cut their nails and they go home, but they can’t do it anywhere else. (Customers) have tried.”

Originally, he was going to work out of his garage, but zoning led him to find a storefront. She has worked as a state probation nurse aide for nine years and is still a licensed phlebotomist. She became interested in animal care when she began caring for her Bernedoodle, Charlie.

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