Biometrics partnerships to bring ID verification to job, bike share, fintech applications

Biometric identity verification providers Onfido, iDenfy and Shufti Pro have all announced partnerships that will bring identity verification to secure and simplified boarding for job boards, public parking services and management providers of the life cycle.

Onfido joins the labor market to automate identity verification

Automated Identity Verification Provider Onfido is associated with Job & Talenta job market based in Spain for essential work, to automate the remote biometric identity verification for the boarding of applicants.

Job&Talent has connected more than 340,000 workers with more than 2,500 through its online platform in 2022. Participants can use the app for messaging, scheduling, contract signing, and payroll, simplifying the hiring process while mitigate the risk.

Autofill powered by Onfido’s AI and document verification software will allow Job&Talent to board safely in less than two minutes. Users register by taking a photo of their government-issued IDs with a smartphone or webcam. Onfido checks the visual, data and metadata elements to verify the authenticity of the ID before providing a “clear” or “consider” output.

iDenfy verification must be added to the bike parking app onboarding

Automated bicycle parking infrastructure provider Oonee to use iDenfyIdentity verification and fraud prevention through its Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Lithuania-based software iDenfy based on artificial intelligence detects potential identity fraud by catching attempts to compromise a device or using a pre-recorded video during boarding.

Oonee is setting up networks of modular pods across cities to provide secure parking for bicycles and scooters, complete with a green roof with an irrigation system. It will now integrate iDenfy’s software to automate biometric identity verification and provide an option to manually initiate an in-app identification session.

Shufti Pro partners with Amlyze, IDVerse Partners with Conga

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) provider for fintechs and neobanks Amlyze is partnering with identity verification and biometrics provider Shufti Pro to enhance compliance modules and simplify the AML screening process.

As a result of the partnership, Amlyze customers can now use Shufti Pro’s identity verification tool to identify fraud. Shufti will also be able to incorporate Amlyze modules to create a complete AML screening tool.

The deal gives Amlyze, which is based in Vilnius, an expanded global reach, according to the announcement.

Finally, the identity verification provider IDVerse announced a partnership with Conga, an end-to-end revenue lifecycle management provider, to speed up the customer onboarding process and improve security through biometrics.

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