Aston Martin reveals ‘the world’s most bespoke, advanced and meticulously engineered road bicycle’

Luxury car brand Aston Martin collaborated with J. Laveracka titanium specialist, to create a bespoke and premium road bike that can be made to the exact measurements of any rider.

The bike is based on a frame that consists of 3D printed titanium lugs that are joined with carbon fiber tubes. This construction method allows different tube lengths to be fitted, as well as special angles to the frame to be tweaked in the design software before printing.

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The brand said: “This ensures a frame that not only provides an exceptional blend of responsiveness and comfort, but also sets new standards of elegance and beauty.”

Oliver Laverack, Co-founder of J. Laverack Bicycles, said: “Working with the Aston Martin team has unlocked new ideas and innovations, the application of which has created a more advanced bicycle than anything currently available in the market”.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these bikes, after the purchase each owner will receive an invitation to the headquarters of Aston Martin in Gaydon in the United Kingdom for a complete adjustment. Here you will be measured to have the bike custom made to your specifications.

Customers can select the exact color palette and trim choices available on Aston Martin cars, giving them the opportunity to match car and bike.

Potential buyers can test what their bike might look like via Aston Martin’s free online configuration site. This will allow you to select the color of the forks, tubes, lugs and stem of the bike, along with the saddle and bar tape.

Build kits

The .1R is available with a choice of three 12-speed groupsets, these are certainly the most premium groups on offer from Shimano, Sramand Peasant. Choosing between Dura-ace Di2, RED eTap AXS and Super Record wireless is a matter of preference. The finish of any of the groups on offer are custom crowns machined from aluminum to the size of the customer’s choice.

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Another element unique to the .1R is the AREA Components Æ|55 wheels. These hub features that are machined from high strength aerospace aluminum before being finished in a custom patented black color. Finish the wheels of 55 mm depth are some Continental GP5000S TR tires that have been specifically produced in a 30mm width with a special stealth black finish.

In typical British fashion, the bike comes with a C13 Brooks saddle that was produced specifically for the .1R. This is available in a choice of leather or Alcantara, and is finished with a single titanium rivet.

Although the price has not been disclosed so far, for a bike with this level of craftsmanship, and the premium nature of both brands, it is safe to assume that if you need to ask for the price, it could be out of your budget.

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The bike will be on display at the Rouleur Live industry show in London, November 2-4.

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