$18.5M committed for bike-ped bridge and trail into Memorial Park

The daunting task of getting to Memorial Park from Uptown by bike or on foot is poised to improve dramatically, as long as a $22 million project for a bridge across Buffalo Bayou and the Loop 610 underpass go through.

“The West Loop has always been this wall that makes access to the memorial park more difficult than it needs to be,” said John Breeding, president of Uptown Houston.

Uptown, as the area’s county improvement district, was awarded nearly $18.5 million last week for the project aimed at better non-motorized access to Memorial Park. As the park has added amenities and seen a reinvestment trails, racing structures and its eastern part, the use has grown and with it, the demand for safer and easier access without a car or truck. Crossed by Loop 610 to the west and Interstate 10 to the north, getting to Memorial Park can take some maneuvering, including where it is not bounded by a highway.

“It can be a puzzle, for sure,” cyclist Mike Autry said. “If you’re like me and you can’t really come up with traffic, you can’t do it safely on the highways.”

There is no greater barrier than the Loop 610, which from the west is only crossed into the park by Memorial Drive and Woodway. Neither, especially on the front roads, offer much space for runners and cyclists, nor do the speeds for the roads and slopes bode well for pedestrians and cyclists.

GRAND PARKWAY’S NEXT STEPS: Construction between League City and Alvin is scheduled for 2027 at a cost of nearly $1B

Although there is a path along the road facing south toward Loop 610, Breeding said the crossing can be complex. The proposed project, which is about a year away from final design, would create a new road from Post Oak Boulevard — where the wide streets can accommodate bicycles and pedestrians — north to Buffalo Bayou.

Breeding said from there that plans include a new bridge across the bayou, west of the frontage road, which will connect to a new track on the north bank that will follow the water under the frontage roads and l ‘highway, then it will rise to the level of the road. east of Loop 610 and connects along the side of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center to the existing trail along Woodway.

Getting up and down, through and around the area requires complicated design, but Breeding — who is retiring — said his hope would be to have the project fully designed within a year.

“My goal is to offer this project for construction in December 2024,” he said.

If it happens, and the work lasts the expected 12 months, people could be running or pedaling in the park at the end of 2025.

URBAN SPRAWL: For the first time in half a century, the urban portion of metro Houston is about to cross a county line

If built, it would be one of several pedestrian or bicycle connections planned for the park. In September, Precinct 4 Commissioner Leslie Briones and park officials announced plans for a $13.5 million connection between Memorial and Buffalo Bayou parks on the east side of Memorial Park. Houston officials also said improvements at Blossom, completed earlier this year, include upgrades to parking access in the Eastern Glades area from Rice Military and the Washington Avenue corridor.

The goal, Breeding said, is more ways for more people to access Memorial Park.

“We’re seeing things evolve into a pretty cool bike race,” he said. “The pieces came together.”

A bicyclist rides along a trail near Memorial Park from Loop 610 on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023, in Houston. The Uptown Management District, which serves as the county’s improvement district in the area, will receive $18.5 million in federal funds for an improved bike connection between the area west of Loop 610 at Memorial Park. The highway is a big barrier for cyclists, which the project will eliminate by crossing Buffalo Bayou and then creating a path along the banks below Loop 610. That path will connect with the existing path along Woodway.

Brett Coomer/Staff Photographer

Some key connections might be more difficult than others, or wait for funding while others proceed, but the overall goal of getting better access, he said, is within reach.

What’s crucial, Breeding said, is that it appeals to riders of all skill levels.

“Give me a safe place for me and my grandchildren,” he said. “It will be everything, probably not, but I believe it is much safer and more pleasant than what we have today.”

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Less than half of Houston’s “smart” traffic signs are operational, six years into the project

Funding for the Loop 610 crossing was part of a record $345 million for sidewalks, bike lanes and other improvements approved last week by the Texas Transportation Commission, which oversees federal funds that come to Texas from the federal coffers. Eighty-three projects received funding, with Uptown getting the third-highest total behind projects in Dallas and San Angelo.

“This option supports safety, active lifestyles, health and wellness, and can provide alternatives to vehicle travel,” said Transportation Commissioner Robert Vaughn release from the Texas Department of Transportation.

HA a dozen projects in the Houston area received fundingincluding:

• $8.9 million for a shared use road through Katy’s Asia Town and along the campus of Houston Community College.

• $7.5 million for sidewalks and trails in The Woodlands.

• $4.5 million for part of the Emancipation Trail Plan in La Marque.

• $4.3 million for new sidewalks and paths in Angleton in southern Brazoria County.

The funding, which comes as Texas continues to spend record amounts on highways while federal officials push for more nonroad projects, offers the promise of projects aimed at keeping pedestrians and bicyclists out of harm’s way.

Since 2013, the number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed on Texas roads has increased more than that of drivers or passengers. A decade ago, 559 pedestrians and cyclists were killed, compared to 933 last year.

“People walking and bicycling make up about 1 out of every 5 road deaths here in Texas,” Transportation Commissioner Alvin New said in a TxDOT news release. “These projects will help the state move closer to the goal of zero deaths by giving people a place to walk and bike separate from traffic.”

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