A brand that reminds you of your eating habits as a sustainable food.

Vegetation is not a matter of right or wrong. And it's not an ethical issue. We will not force you to eat vegetables. Our brand wants to talk about the benefits of sustainable food that are good for you, the environment, and everyone.
Proper vegetable consumption is suitable for both the environment and your health. However, in the traditional vegetarian culture, whether to eat vegetables or not was considered a moral judgment. Also, there were strict and complicated criteria to maintain a vegetarian diet.

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Remind Table is a brand that allows you to rethink your eating habits through the effects of vegetarianism, which has been overshadowed by unnecessary ideas and challenging ways. We also seek free communication, not forced, as sustainable food for the environment and individuals alike.  
Our brand will try to correct the negative aspects of vegetarian culture gradually and correctly inform the effects of vegetarianism. 
For the people who have a variety of reasons, we will try to use a variety of methods to access the vegetarian culture that is right for you.
(Remind Table will launch in the second half of 2020)

Project Goal
Being a brand that reminds you of your eating habits.

Brand Attitude
'that tells us there are these things.'
Recalling, Asking questions, Helping
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