"Festival of Baek-seok(poet)" is a festival of poet. Population of poet is gradually decreasing, literary market have been being narrower more and more. However, small-scale publishing is increasing and, a lot of young people dream to be poet. I wanted to make stages that  unknown poet can meet the audience who love poem and can relate to each other in poem.
      "Baek-seok" is a famous poet of Korea. What is it means that 'white stone'. I thought this word, expressed in white clean and solid typography on the paper. Filled become empty of the logo was like process of authors. I use this logo in poster, admission ticket, pencil, a collection of poems.
      In school, students will be dissected and analyzed poet without true feeling. I thought that it is a problem to focus on the score and the language than to examine poem slowly.
Inspired by red colored pencil and test paper, it was designed them to the motif. I made postcards and posters cided by the poetry of Yun Dong-ju. 

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