Bianchi Arcadex : le gravel en mode endurance

Bianchi has just presented its new Arcadex gravel. Designed for adventure and bikepacking, it logically adopts resistance geometry and offers many practical tips. Available in Pro version and Comps version, with many possible settings, for a price ranging between €2,999 and €5,099.

The legendary Lombard manufacturer, whiteis also the manufacturer of training cycle equipment Arkea B&B Hotels. This does not prevent the manufacturer from being interested gravel… The test with this new Arcadex, a bike designed for adventure and bikepacking. The bike, which wants to be particularly versatile, is aimed, first of all, at people who love long distances and discoveries, alone or in small groups. The offer is therefore new, since the Bianchi Impulso it was a sporty, performance-oriented gravel bike. The prices are therefore much more attractive, while the robustness is at the heart of the concerns.

© Bianchi – The Arcadex is openly designed for long distances, roaming and bike-packing

Performance, comfort and integration

If Bianchi claims to have designed its Arcadex for adventures and bike-packing, it does not, however, offer a low-end frame… So we find a carbon pseudo-monocoque frame, with endurance geometry. Performance is announced, as is comfort.

Both versions of this Arcadex (Pro and Comp) are equipped with a 100% integrated Velomann cockpit. Both versions are also compatible with the new monocoque carbon handlebar designed and developed by Bianchi Reparto Corse.

Note that the design of the rear triangle allows this Arcadex to have 700 × 50 mm tires. Classified ASTM2, the bike can be used off-road, a priori, without problem. Versatility is essential!

Bike packing and adventure

To offer a practical gravel bike, Bianchi has developed IFS (Internal Frame Storage). This IFS offers additional storage space in the downtube. This allows, for example, to store some – small – repair tools.

Inside, a Velomann protective device, specially designed for this purpose, keeps “the load” in place. Note also that the Arcadex can be configured with the new Bianchi bike kit, consisting of four nylon bags.

Said kit, waterproof, consists of the Orma 01 (1L to be placed on the horizontal tube); Orma 03 (3L to be installed at the front of the frame); of the Orma 07 (7L to be fixed under the saddle) and of the Orma 09 (9L to be placed on the handlebar.

Finally, to save time, in case of a problem with the rear wheel, Bianchi has equipped the transverse axis with a double Allen key (4 mm and 5 mm), to simplify the work of the cyclist. Likewise, this frame includes various inserts, for mounting bottle cages, bags and accessories.

© Bianchi – A bicycle packaging kit has been developed especially for the Arcadex

Some useful options

The Pro and Comp versions of this Arcadex allow you to adapt your bike precisely to your needs. Thus, the Arcadex Pro is equipped with Velomann Terbium 30 carbon wheels and a Rockshox Rudy XPLR suspension fork with 30 mm of travel. Two groups are available, to choose, the SRAP APEX GX AXS or Shimano GRX 822 in mechanical version.

The Arcadex Comp features a Fulcrum Rapid Red wheel. Two groups are also available, to choose from, the Shimano GRX 610 and the SRAP Apex. But both versions have a Mitora 149 H1 saddle. All models can also be equipped with a compatible suspension fork.

In the catalog, we find, for the Pro version, two matte colors (the famous sky green, with dark turquoise accents and forest green with black details). The Comp version, meanwhile, comes in two bright colors (sky green and graphite or metallic sand with graphite accents).

The Bianchi Arcadex Pro in SRAM Apex GX eTap 12V costs €5,099; the Arcadex Pro in Shimano GRX 820/822, at €4,199 and the Arcadex Comp in SRAM Apex SX 12V (40 teeth) or Shimano GRX 610/822 (also 40 teeth) costs €2,999.

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